YES! Animals Talk

YES! Animals Talk


What to expect during an animal communication or energy healing

I work with your animal's energy on an intuitive level. Which means we can communicate over miles, with or without a physical body. I will ask for your pet's name. If I detect that he needs an energy healing, whether that is on his aura body, chakras or both, I will proceed with that process.

Energy healing

Simply put an energy healing is moving unneeded energy out of your animal's space so he can be on his own path more easily. This can be removing sorrow or grief energy from the loss of an animal or person friend. Or even fear energy from a vet visit. Whatever needs to be removed is done at this point. It allows your pet to be able to speak as clearly as possible and say whatever he thinks needs to be said. As I remove the energy, I talk you through the process. I tell you what energy I see, what is released and what new energy is brought into your pet's space.


Sometimes the animal is very eager to talk and will start the session speaking (intuitively) with anything and everything that comes to her mind. The thought that she's finally being fully understood releases the flood gates, so to speak. All animal communication which is shared between me and your pet, I relay to you in whatever form it comes (pictures, words, sentences). I will ask you for your prepared questions and communicate your animal's answers to you. The communication is very much a dialogue and a give and take process. You both will learn from each other during this time. 

At the end of the pet communication session, I always ask if there is something that was overlooked or that needs to be revealed or communicated. This is done both on the physical and intuitive levels. If so, that too is discussed. 

I like following up with clients within a few days of our sessions and discovering how things have changed. Of course, you are always welcome to contact me sooner if you have something you want to share. 

To schedule your animal communication session and gain a whole new perspective on life with your pet, please go here.


It is my sincere hope that through these sessions, not only are your questions answered, but also your view of the world and what's possible is expanded at least a little. 

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