YES! Animals Talk

YES! Animals Talk


About Terri

Since I was a child, I've had this inner pull toward animals - helping them, being around them, trying to learn from them. They, oddly enough, have sought me out as well. It's very common for me to go for a walk and suddenly find birds, rabbits, cats and dogs following me. It's quite a scene!

Animals enjoy greeting me. They seem to know, before we talk, that I can hear them. I can communicate with them in a way they understand (energy based intuitively level). 

A few days ago, a friend was showing off her new puppy. As she set him on the ground she made the announcement "he's very shy". He ran and leapt into my lap at first sight. She laughed and said "well, with everyone but Terri!" Animals have never been shy around me. Amazes those present. At this point, I'm used to it. Makes me laugh at the human response.  

When I was in college I assisted my vet with low cost vaccine clinics. It was very enjoyable getting to help so many animals. However, I've always been interested in a more natural approach to medicine, whenever possible.

I use to find it curious that lost and/or hurt animals (both domestic and wild) would find me, one way or the other. I mend them, with whatever means is necessary, and send them home. Or simply find their home. I've gotten over the curiosity aspect. I now recognize that I'm a beacon for them, a safe harbor. I don't mind a bit. I think they have been pulling me to this work my whole life. I thank them for that gentle, and sometimes not so gentle, nudge.  

I enjoy all animals. However, horses have a special place in my heart. During my youth, I even ran barrels (or as some say "chased cans"). More recently, I participated in a couple of week long natural horsemanship clinics. If you're not familiar with the term "natural horsemanship", think "horse whisperer". I enthusiastically encourage all horse lovers to take at least one of these clinics. It will exponentially expand your view of what's possible, your horse relationships and your horsemanship skills. 

I believe most of my animal communication skills were gifted to me at birth. They just needed development. The foundation of those skills were developed at the Reno Psychic Institute. I have since expanded my skills with a great team. I continue to gather and strengthen my skills daily. While I have spent the past year of this inaugural year of Yes! Animals Talk working with animals as a communicator and healer, I have still worked even more with the human animals that call for help with various issues. When I opened YAT in August of 2015, both friends and family were disappointed I limited the business to only animals. After more than a year, I have decided to open YAT officially to the rest of the animal kingdom. After all, I have been working with them anyhow. Now I make it official. Look for testimonials and blogs concerning the human animal soon. 

I've been blessed to always have animals in my life. I've shared my life with cats, dogs, bunnies, horses and even a goat. I wouldn't change it and I wouldn't want to live without animals. I don't even want to imagine what that would be like. The animals I have known have enhanced my life, given in countless ways, shared and showed me more than I thought was feasible. Now, I'm honored to be dedicating my life back to them. The funny thing is that as I dedicate my life to them, they are allowing me to be more open and honor more of what I honestly believe I was sent here to achieve. So, as I interact and heal each animal, they have and continue to heal me. How amazing is that! Yep, talk about a blessed woman! 

I truly love my time spent with animals, both domestic and wild, mine and others. I especially love getting a chance to help them, in whatever form it takes. I believe this love shines through me. The animals tell me they enjoy spending time with me too. Guess that's why my family and friends often refer to me as Ms. Doolittle. 

~ Terri Rodefer