YES! Animals Talk

YES! Animals Talk



For animal lovers

    Tail Wag Wisdom: A blog that helps improve the dog-human relationship. Many of the questions you may have are answered and more. Lots of great information!

    World Wildlife Fund: WWF has been working for years in all corners of the world to preserve what we have been given through education and legislation. You can learn about amazing parts of this globe we share with all sorts of animals and the multitude of ways we can help their cause.

    ASPCA: This is a great place to find a new friend, get helpful tips, or donate to a worthy cause. One of my all-time favorite organizations.

    Humane Society: Find out what's happening with your local Humane Society. Support them or find a new family member.

    Animal Legal Defense Fund: Want to make a lasting difference in animals' lives? This organization works to change laws in a positive way for animals.

    Petfinder: A great place to find a new family member of any kind (dog, cat, horse, gerbil, goat, ferret...). They have links to local shelters and you and can be as specific as you like with your search criteria. Also, a lot of the animals are full breeds and not just mutts, for those who are looking for a certain breed. However, mutts are often extremely lovable. Many say "once you go mutt, you won't go back!" I generally go with the most in need and best energy fit. So far, those have all been mutts. :)

    All About Shepherds: This site is dedicated to all things German Shepherd. This includes training, health care advice, national news, and blogs, to name a few.

    Animal Law 101: This site provides an overview of animal law and links to animal law lawyers in each state.

   A Guide To Cruelty-Free Beauty Shopping: This site describes what cruelty-free beauty is all about and provides links to shop cruelty-free.

   Thank you to Mrs. Charlene Stagle's student, Megan, for bringing this site to our attention. Way to go, Megan! You're an animal crusader in the making!

   Discover The Wildlife In Dubai: This is a great site that lets you explore the different types of animals you can find in Dubai. 

   Thank you to Evelyn and Ms. Rosales for bringing this wonderful site to my attention. Excellent work Evelyn! Keep learning and working hard. Ms. Rosales, keep giving back. This is how we change the world!  

Fun animal games and things

    Pet Games: This is a fun site with lots and lots of online pet and animal-related (and kid-friendly) games.

    A-Z Animals: This is a fun (kid-friendly) site with animal-related games, quizzes, trivia, and even a blog.

    National Geographic animal kids: This site is educational for your kids with bios on all sorts of wildlife.

Live camera

    Live animal cameras: This is Animal Planet's live cam feed of animals being themselves. They have a camera set up in Africa at an elephant watering hole. Another at a doggie daycare. Another is set up at the Pacific Reef.

Animal videos

    Funny animal videos: Sometimes you need no translator to understand what your furry friend is telling you.

    Animals speaking English: Maybe you need to listen carefully, but these are some talented critters.

    Koko, the gorilla : This site includes a huge selection of videos showing Koko signing and communicating with her people. Among the videos is a very awe-struck Robin Williams visiting Koko. It's interesting to see a man who spent his whole life having people awed at his presence and abilities, be nearly silenced by another being simply communicating.

Some of my talented friends

   Natural horsemanship: Kathy is an amazing woman, with talents larger than life. If you want to have a great time, laugh, and learn (about yourself and horses), I highly recommend taking one of her week-long clinics.

    Red Wagon Network: This is such a simple concept with such a great and powerful message. It really does take very little to make a big difference.

    Norwex: This is a great product. For those of you stirring clear of chemicals, this site is for you! They offer cleaning products, which are antibacterial yet chemical-free.

Articles of interest

    How to keep your pet safe during a natural disaster. This covers how to prepare your pet for a disaster situation, what supplies your pet will need if living in the wild, and basic health and safety to ensure the well-being of your pet in the absence of proper veterinary care. 

   Live Science article: This article examines the science of animals talking.

    BBC article "Can animals talk and use language like humans?" : This is another scientific look at animals' abilities to talk.

    The Atlantic article - "Animal behaviorist: We'll soon have devices that let us talk with our pets": This article looks at the possibility of creating physical tools to talk with animals.

    Reviews of pet insurance: If you're thinking about purchasing pet insurance for your furry family member, check out this site. It has reviews of the top pet insurance companies and easy access to quotes.

    How Dogs Can Help with Mental Health – Mind Boosting Benefits of Dog Ownership: This is a very in-depth, well-researched article looking at a multitude of benefits of being a dog parent.

    Pet Insurance and Pre-Existing Conditions: This article explains what you need to know about pet insurance when dealing with a critter with a pre-existing health issue.

    Guide to train travel with pets: This article talks about how to comfortably travel by train with your dog or cat throughout the city, region, or even nationwide. It even offers hints it gets rewards for your train travels with your pets.

    Best dog beds? : This article talks about the various types of dog beds and how to select the best one for your pup.

    How much do dogs sleep? : This article talks about how much sleep your pup needs, sleep cycles compared to humans, common sleep positions, and even how to help your pup sleep even better.

    How much do cats sleep? : This article, much like the dog article, talks about how much sleep a healthy cat needs, the sleep cycles of kitties compared to humans, and how to help your kitty get her best sleep.

    Best pet insurance for 2018 (a review): This article breaks down the top pet insurances, rates them from 1-5 stars, tells you why, and provides other nuggets of valuable information.

    Guide to flying with pets (and getting rewarded for it): This article talks about flying with pets and airline policies, with links to individual airlines and their policies and perks.

    The top 5 online pet care & veterinary services: This site lists the top 5 pet care and veterinary services by category with links.

    A Guide To Vegan And Cruelty Free & Fashion: This site provides ways to dress vegan. 

   Thank you to Katie for finding this site while working on her Voices For Animals Badge with her Girls Scout Troup. Way to go! 

This is Maymo. He really knows how to have fun and his owner makes the most of his cute personality. My cat, Winnie, is a huge fan of Maymo. Enjoy!