YES! Animals Talk

YES! Animals Talk



Will I be able to understand what my pet says?

YES! He will show me pictures or communicate with words and I will relay those to you. Such as showing me pictures of ice in his water bowl and saying "more!" Some animals really enjoy cold water. 

If I set up a phone session, will you need a picture of my pet prior to the session?
NO. I don't need any pictures. A name is all I require to locate your pet's energy. I prefer not to know too many details. I may ask for validation during our session. But I don't need any history. Just a name. 

 My pet recently died. Can you still talk with him? 

YES! I do this quite often. I have even been called upon when an animal was about to cross to see if the measures taken were what she wanted. 

I have more than one pet. Can you talk with all of them?
YES! I can talk with as many animals as you would like present or past. If it becomes a farm (more than 5 and more than 2 hours), I ask that we break the pet communication session up into different days.  

Are there any animals you won't or can't talk with?
NO. I have yet to meet an animal that is unwilling to talk.  
Have a different question?  Contact me directly. I am happy to answer your concerns.