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YES! Animals Talk


Human help - Energy healings for humans

Energy healing - what on earth, for me????

While an energy healing is in no way is meant to replace a trip to the doctor, it can aid in treatment. How you ask? It can help locate ailments, relax you enough so treatments can be most positively received by your body and elevate your body's overall frequency to that of a more healing energy. Peaked your curiosity? 

Think meditation. Have you ever mediated? Or have you been around someone who practices meditation on a regular basis? What is that like? If it's you meditating, then don't you feel more relaxed after meditating? Energy work of any kind is simply movement of energy that your don't need, isn't doing you any good or is blocking you from where you need to be. Thus, that "feel good" space you enter with meditation. You raise your frequency, if only a bit and drop unneeded energies. An energy healer can narrow in on what needs to be done, including those hidden energies, and move them or help you move them out so you have your own "space" and use it more easily. 

Still confused? Here's an example: If you are having anxiety over purchasing a car (good or bad - that is not for the energy healer to say); however the energy healer can move out whatever energy is causing you anxiety so you can make a decision free of interfering energies. Such as you were brought up with the belief that money is difficult to come by so not to spend it unless absolutely necessary. That is an energy put their by your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles. Your elders. Not necessarily your own energy. Once that interfering energy is moved out, you can gather YOUR OWN information and make YOUR OWN decision without anxiety from other interfering energies. It would be your decision.  You would have all the information need. No interfering energies. Kind of an empowering thought, isn't it? And that's just merely one example of what an energy healer can do. 


Here's a list of a few more benefits of receiving an energy healing:
- accelerates personal and spiritual growth
- provides clearer focus/mental clarity
- improved creativity 
- greater sense of well being
- aides in reducing stress 
- helps reduce body pain
- improves the immune system and allows for the body to heal faster from injuries and illnesses
- brings a deep sense of peace and calm
- heals life experiences; trauma, childhood experiences, grief, etc. 
- provides support for personal growth
- releases blocked energies
- balances all your energies
- clears, balances and heals your charkas
- provides a sense of overall empowerment when needed
- plus many, many more...wondering if something not listed could benefit from an energy healing, just ask.


Want to read some of the science behind energy healings? There's a lot out there. Here's just a sampling:

What to expect from an energy healing session

That varies, depending on the client. In all cases, the following applies:
- what you want to achieve is discussed - the overall goal(s) for the session
- clothes remain on at all times 
- you remain seated, or if more comfortable you may lay down 
- you sit or lay with arms and legs uncrossed (allows for the energy to move more freely)
- generally the client is never even touched, and if needed, permission is asked 
- your aura is adjusted to appropriately fit you for this moment in time
- you are provided a new grounding cording appropriate for this moment and time and for the amount of energy you will be releasing down it during the session
- each chakra is cleared, balanced and healed
- all interferring energies are removed and your energy is rebalanced
- your aura and body are scanned for additional areas which need attention, especially in regards to the goal(s) which was set at the beginning
- you are firmly connected to mother earth and father sky
- your spiritual contracts are brought up-to-date given the energy that was just moved and adjusted
- you're asked how you're feeling and if there's anything additional you would like addressed
- the session is concluded with bringing in your own golden sun energy, which replenishes the energy that was moved. This your own energy. Some have described this energy as a very "yummy" energy.

All this can be done in-person, by Skype or Face Time or even by phone.


How will you feel after?
That can be a very personal experience. Depending on the goal and what energies left your "space". However, speaking from personal experience, whenever I've had a really good healing (if I've done it on myself or someone has worked on me) and moved a lot of energy, which needed to be flushed out, I've been really sleepy. The other good part about is that it has generally provided me with great, sound sleep. Something, which escapes me on most nights. The other feelings can be far and wide. From calm to empowering to eased body pain. 


Want to set up your own session and experience it for yourself? Or maybe get a gift certificate for a family member or friend? It's a gift they will certainly remember.

If you have any questions, please contact me. 
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