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2 Feb 2016

"Doing better" with our furry family as told by an animal communicator 

One of my all time favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou. It is the quote you see beside this blog. "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." It is such a beautiful, insightful saying. We should all striveto do ourbest. Then when we gain more knowledge do even better with that new knowledge. Yet, as I saw Dr. Angelou say many times never live in the past. Don't beat yourself up over what you didn't know, but once you know then take the necessary and properchanges to get on the right course. 

Recently, I worked with a very nice family with two dogs looking to get a new puppy. The dogs were both very sweet, gentle beings. Among other communication requests, the parents wanted me to prepare both dogs for the new puppy. I worked with the younger dog first. Her main request with regard to the puppy, was to have veto power in case she and the other dog just didn't care for the new one. The parents said that was not an option. I suggested taking both dogs to meet the puppy prior to bringing it permanently to live with them. In doing this initial meeting this way, on neutral ground, rather than having a new puppy forced on the two established family dogs and the parents telling all three "get along and make it work," the energy shifts. It goes from a puppy invading and taking over to the "whole family" pick inking and being including in the process. Totally different energy. The mom sat back and said, "I never thought of it that way. Yes! We will let them go with us to pick out the puppy." The dog was happy. The parents saw things in a new light and are doing even better.

Then I moved onto the more mature dog. Her first communication was an apology. She said, "tell them I'm sorry I'm not as good as 'Rose'" (the younger dog). The parents, through no fault of their own, praised Rose for feats that "Amy" (the more mature dog) never even thought to achieve. Those acts were simply not on her radar. When Rose performed such acts, the parents raved. I conveyed Amy's comment and the mom burst into tears. She said, "I always tell Amy she's the prettiest dog." I said, "yes but you just said Rose is the best dog, correct? They understand the difference between surface and substance." 

Amy continued and said, "the puppy is my replacement." I told the parents her communication. Both parents gasped, mom's tears flowed and she sheepishly whispered "it is".  

I said to them if you've spoken verbally of a replacement the problem becomes Amy starts mocking that up so as not to disappoint you. Amy had been having a few peeing accidents inside, which the vet didn't find any medical issues for at this point. However, when I looked at the issue, I saw it was fear of having to let go to make room for the puppy. I moved out the fear. Then I said if you don't want Amy to move on, then I suggest you look at the puppy as an addition to the family, not a replacement. I suggested they reconfirm with Amy on a physical, verbal level that they want her to stay for as long as possible and the puppy is only an addition. I communicated all this to Amy on an energy level as well. The dad immediately started telling Amy they needed her to teach the new puppy the routine of everything and how to be in the "pack", just as she had does so brilliantly with Rose.

They knew better and were beginning to do better. I could see shifts already taking place within Amy. 

I looked at the mom. She was riddled with guilt, as she held Amy's paw gently and wiped the tears from her face. Then, as I often am, I remembered Maya Angelou's quote. I told her they do a great job and reminded her now they have more knowledge and can do better. But not to feel guilty about not knowing what you don't know, just let go, let be and move forward doing better. I love that quote from Dr. Angelou. It's a guiding force in my life. Don't beat yourself up for what you didn't know. But once you know it, then shift and move forward with the new knowledge. Thank you Dr. Angelio for this wonderful, insightful saying. I hope you find this quote helpful and inspirational to you. 

Until next time, may you and your family (including furry ones) stay warm and healthy. 

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for a future blog, please contact me. 

*Names were changed for privacy and confidentiality. 
26 Jan 2016

Consistency - a key to a happy furry family as told by an animal communicator 

Consistency. It seems so simple. You do something and then just keep doing it. However, if you have cute puppy dog eyes staring up at you, it's easy to cave. You may think it's not a huge deal to occasionally bend the rules. Yet by doing so you creategrayareas.Or in your furry family member's world .... confusion energy. While you may live within areas of black, white, gray and the whole entire rainbow, your fur balls do notfunctionin thesame manner. They can generally only grasp black and white, yes and no. There are no shades of grays or maybes. It either is or isn't. 

Here's an example: You don't want you furry family on the couch. So, you teach them "off". However, you start watching a scary movie alone or you break-up with your boyfriend. Suddenly you think "I sure would love to cuddle with Fiddo on the couch. I'll break the rules. He seems to have mastered that anyhow." 

Fiddo thinks "Wait you told me no. Now you say yes? Ok I get to be on the couch again. Yea!" Several days later you walk and find Fiddo sound to sleep on the couch. You get frustrated. "What! You know you're not allowed on the couch!" You just created complete confusion for Fiddo. You're mad at him and he doesn't understand why when you said it was fine to be on the couch the other day. 

Here's another example: It's cold outside you don't feel like walking Fiddo so you think "Oh I know I'll play ball with him inside. Generally this is a no-no, but there's 3' of snow outside. I'll make an exception." Fiddo is happy to play or maybe he hides for fear it's a test, because he knows this is not allowed. You ended up convincing him it's ok to play and you both have fun. Now fast forward to later that evening. You're fixing dinner and Fiddo bounces through, throwing his favorite toy high in the air landing in the middle of your nearly prepped fried chicken. You scream as the hot oil splashes out of the pan and yell "Fiddo! NO toys inside! You know better!" Fiddo is completely confused. Once again you're mad at him and he doesn't understand why when you played with him and his toys inside a few hours earlier.

While it's easy and convenient for us at times to break the rules we've set for our fur family, it ultimately causes confusion. We may not even recognize it because it's so subtle. 

For instance, in the early morning, when the neighbors are still asleep, you tell Fiddo to be quiet. However as the day goes on, you encourage more noise from him. Very subtle, yet the confusion is registered just the same. You're mad one time and not the next. 

Next time when you want to break a rule "just this once" ask: 
Is it worth the confusion?
What would the long term effects look like? 
Or if you really want to break the rules, then is it even a necessary rule at all?

Our furry family wants to please us, but it's difficult for them to do it if the rules change or there are shades they just don't understand. 

Consistency is key to a happy furry family. Think what you need from your fur balls, what rules are a must and then make sure the whole family follows them so there is consistency. Sometimes it even helps to post the rules on the fridge. Then everyone knows for certain what they are or aren't and those cute puppy dog eyes will be at peace.

Until next time may you and your family (including the furry ones) be safe and warm. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for a future blog, please contact me. 
18 Jan 2016

8 steps for setting forth big dreams of this animal communicator 

I have a dream, much like Martin Luther King Jr.. While humans may not be showing their best, I have a dream that some day hopefully in the not too far future it will be much different. Babies will born with a brighter future. They will not need to fight in wars or scramble for food and shelter. The term "bully" will be a foreign concept. The main governor of life will be "The Golden Rule." It will be second nature. Like breathing. "The Golden Rule" will be adhered to without thinking. It will be done nearly passively. 

Animals will not fear humans. They will not be forced to fight at the hands of abusive owners. They will not, out of loyalty and fear, chase after their abusive owners, who dump them in the middle of nowhere. They will not be starved or left out in the cold or heat with no shelter. A multitude of other horrific scenes, which are almost commonplace today, simply will not exist. Animal abuse, in all forms, will have gone the way of the dodo bird. Although, it will not be missed as the dodo is still today. There will be harmony between animals and humans. Shelters will not exist. No more scenes of owners dumping old or "broken" pets for newer ones, while the former furry family members are left crying and trembling unsure of what's happening and what awaits. Shelters simply will not needed. All animals will be treasured and viewed as blessed gifts to be loved kept, never thrown away or traded-in. 

The environment, which both animals and humans occupy and use, will be protected. An understanding worldwide will be made that what is used, must be replaced in a healthy, useful, friendly manner. 

The energy of the world goes from turmoil, much like a sea sick flu patient, to a joyful, healthy, energized athlete. 

Is this possible? I believe ALL things are possible. However, this may not be an overnight change. As often said, the first step is the most difficult. Positive steps forward are great. No matter how small, as long as we're moving forward, then keep your eyes firmly fixed on the prize. 

Here's my list that everyone can easily incorporate, which will push us along this positive path:
1. Learn, practice and teach "The Golden Rule." It's not always easy. Anything truly worth doing is never easy. Before you act or speak think "how would I feel if I were them, in their shoes, at this moment?" Then proceed with that added information. If by chance you are still uncertain try asking this additional question "if I said or did this would I get any bad karma?" You will immediately know your answer. We are all sent here to work off bad karma. Who wants to add more? 
2. No need to judge. There will come a day for that. If you find yourself always judging others for whatever reason (some may be very justified), let it go and let it be. We are not sent to judge each other, but rather to learn and grow from each other and our experiences with each other.
3. Always search for the positive. Sometimes you may have to get out a flashlight, shovel and pick axe to find it. But if you take what some or most everyone would view as a negative and focus on that one tiny shred of positive light, you will learn and grow. If you must be in something unpleasant, why not make the most of it?
4. Don't let others bring you down or steer you off course. Recognize people for who they are and let them be who they are until they want to change. No need for you to get mad, hold resentment or refuse to forgive. If you are stubborn and refuse to let go, who does it hurt ultimately? You! You're preventing yourself from proceeding down your path, on your mission while you firmly hold all this unneeded crap. Let it go and let be. 
5. Missions are positive. Recognize that if you're depressed, in low energy, holding anger, resentment or some other low vibrational energy, it will be a lot more difficult to focus on a higher positive energy, which is where missions are placed. Find a way to drop the negative, so you may rise to the positive. This is where you turn to the things that make you happy, put a smile on your face or even out right laugh. It could be music, books, friends, nature, movies, yoga, mediation, or (my favorite) furry friends. 
6. Refocus, when needed. Recognize that even when you're on mission, low energies such as fear or doubt can creep in and play on your confidence. When it happens, refocus. Regroup. Meditate. Ask mentors for emotional support, because your nervous or need to be uplifted a bit. All good mentors are use to building their mentees up when they get weak in the knees. 
7. Don't be let your ego get in the way of your progress. If you need help, ask. Often there are lessons to be learned in humbling yourself to ask for help, or find the proper help. And absolutely, there are certain lessons to be gained in finding solutions on your own. However, don't reinvent the wheel. Remember sometimes a united voice is much louder and stronger.
8. Be the solution. If you hear a lot rumblings about a certain subject and it keeps coming back to you, there's a reason. Don't complain about it. Analyze it. Research it. Solve it. Even if you're just a piece of the solution puzzle, it's positive movement forward, which wouldn't happened otherwise. I like to call this "problem-solution" living. Much better energy than complaining energy

When you follow these steps, or try to implement them even gradually, you'll be shifting your energy. As you do this, those around you will be shifting as well. That's the beauty of moving energy. It shows others how to do it and invites them to do it along with you. Thus, as you are implementing these rather simple steps, my dreams for a more peaceful world will slowly be falling into place. No heavy lifting really, just simple concepts anyone can set up in their lives. Think of the outcome. Isn't it worth it? I have dream and I believe with just a little help it will be reality. 

Until next time, may you and your family (including furry ones) be warm and healthy. 

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for a future blog, please contact me
8 Jan 2016

Ten animal lessons everyone needs...see Spot teach

I have always been blessed enough to have animals as part of my family. I can't even imagine a day without fur. I wouldn't want that experience. Animals have many amazing healing abilities, which I've discussed in previous blogs and may again in the future. 

I have spent lifetimes with my dogs, cats and horses. They have generously shared their worlds with me to the extent that I've learned some valuable lessons. Some are over lapping. Some are humorous. Some are very profound. I thought, as we enter this new year, filled with hope and anticipation for all that lays ahead, I'd share a few of these lessons. Your lessons may be vastly different. These are simply my ten from each. I hope you find some enjoyment or enlightenment in my lists. Please feel free to share your lessons as well.

Life lessons and advice from dogs
1. All can be revealed in a smell. Such things as where you've been, you're emotional state, your wants and desires. Be careful not to let a sweet smell trick you. Get a good sniff. Is there something behind it? Or is it all fluff and no substance? 
2. Naps are great! Especially if there's sun on your belly, your buddy is near by or your belly is full.
3. Take time to rejuvenate and soak in nature. Let the wind blow on your face. Splash in the creek. Watch the clouds drift by stretched out on the dewy morning grass. 
4. Find pure joy in small pleasures. Tennis balls are cool! Car rides to no where are awesome! Get in and go with no time limit and no stress. 
5. Never forget life needs a bit of comedy relief. Laugh at life, yourself and even those around you (they don't need to know).
6. Family is those who pick you and love you forever, no matter what! 
7. For each hole you dig, there's bound to be an eventual rock. Don't let it deter you. Simply dig around it!
8. Honesty is always best. Tell it like it is, but strive for diplomacy. Sometimes a slight growl, curled lip or turned head will be just as powerful as a loud bark.
9. Always protect those you love. If you must, it's ok to coming out swinging in order to defend your family or friends.
10. Live in the here and now. Let bygones go, forgive, move, adapt, love and always see the sunny spot (even if sometimes you must search for it).

Lessons and advice from cats
1. Find joy in small places and small things. They can often provide the biggest comforts as well as the perfect spot for thinking. These places can be sacred to allow refocusing when things become unfocused.
2. Change your view, change your perspective. What may seem impossible from the ground, maybe be very, very possible from a different angle. 
3. Sleep is a must. Know when to take a nap and when to seek a more quieter spot for a longer slumber. For its in these deeper sleeps that big dreams unfold and you get to unravel life's biggest mysteries. 
4. If you don't know it or trust it, walk away from it. Trust your instincts. If something tells you it's not good or to go the opposite way, do so. 
5. Have fun, dream big for some day you may catch that damn red dot! And then watch out world! 
6. Love the unusual. Smells tell all and others can be fun playmates too.
7. Take pride in your appearance. If needed, help your family and friends as well. They will certainly appreciate your grooming abilities.
8. Move carefully and with purpose. Study your next move. Analyze the best way to get there safely and when the timing is right, leap!
9. Admire the world and always dream big. What comes to your window today, may be your best friend tomorrow. You could become the next "go to" person with all the ideas and solutions. You'll be believed just because your well connected.
10. You want something, ask. Don't get it, ask again. Try someone different. Perhaps a different technique. But ask. Eventually you'll ask the right person, in the right way and you'll get a "yes".

Lessons and advice from horses
1. Fear is a hurdle to jump. Eye it up, and with trust and faith...leap! You'll clear it!
2. If you fall, it's only a chance to gather yourself, look to make sure you're on the right path and continue going forward smack dab in the middle of the road.
3. Always be respectful. Put yourself in the others shoes, ease up on the reins and let your partner have some control.
4. Your journey, may at times be uphill and take your breath away. The view is worth the pain.
5. Check on your herd from time to time. Show them the proper path and make sure they know who to trust and not. Most importantly teach them when to say "NO! BUCK YOU!" and walk away.
6. The harder and faster you run, the more angels are needed for the ride. That's why you feel so close to heaven when you ride on the edge.
7. Never let anyone "break" you! God did not put you here to be broken, but rather to grow and become a better you.
8. Never let anyone say you're too old, too young, wrong gender, not tall enough, not strong enough or whatever to accomplish your goals. Take it as a challenge. Accept it and prove them wrong!
9. Never, ever stop playing! It's essential for growth. 
10. There is no such thing as a disability. Anything someone views as a disability, find a way to use it to your advantage. 

I have (and still do) dearly love each and every animal which has crossed into my life. I have often learned more from them than my human "teachers". I've been incredibly blessed. I hope to continue on this path of learning and I will share what I can as I journey forward.

Until next time, may you and your loved ones (including the furry ones) be well and stay warm. As always if you have any comments, questions or a blog suggestion, please contact me. 

Here's wishing everyone a most beautiful 2016!
29 Dec 2015

Don't ignore red flags from your furry buddy

We all judge each other, whether we recognize it or not. Some judgment is helpful. Some harmful. But even if we think we expunged all judgement from our lives and live a relatively nonjudgmental life, we still cast fault on occasion. 

Ever heard, "if my dog doesn't approve, I'm not dating him." Or what about "he doesn't like animals. Something is wrong with him." Just a couple of basic judgement statements, although I'm certain you've heard or perhaps said a host of others. 

Let's take the first judgement statement. Allowing your dog or cat to have final approval on people in your life. Actually, this isn't a bad idea at all. Animals are generally very energy sensitive. So, while you may be smitten by good looks, charm or romance, your furry buddy does not fall for any superficial surface stuff. They can immediately see the skeletons hiding in the closet, if there are any, and warn you. Therefore, if your dog barks, growls or hides when you introduce him to your date, take it as a huge red flag! Do not think it's just jealously. Your dog sees the energy that you most likely are refusing to see. Show "Mr. Not So Right" to the door and be glad for the built in alarm system. On the other hand, if your furball greets your date as if he's a long lost friend, then at least he's crossed one hurdle. If at any point your date let's the door slam in your face, you may need to still need to throw him back and seek a more compatible energy

Until next time, may you and your furry family stay safe and warm. As always if you have any questions or suggestions for a future blog, please do not hesitate to contact me. 
21 Dec 2015

Lessons from horses

I received this a while ago from a friend. It is so good I want to share it with everyone. I wish this beautiful hanging had and author credit line, unfortunately it does not. I would like to thank whomever originally penned. I have certainly learned countless valuable lessons from my horses. I thank them for those lessons. 

Things we can learn from horses

  • If you are riding ahead of the herd, take a good look back every now and then to make sure it's still there. 
  • Keep your eye on the path in front of you. The path is often more important than the destination.
  • If you hang with the herd always watch your step.
  • Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction. 
  • Sometimes silence is the best answer.
  • The only people you need to get even with are those who have helped you. 
  • Never pass up an opportunity to go for a ride. 
  • Do no harm, but take no $&@!
  • Every path has a few puddles.
  • Sometimes you just have to let go when your ride is out of control. 
  • Never corner something meaner than you.
  • When you're over the hill, you begin to pick up speed. 

Thanks for indulging my week long tribute to horses. My thank you to my boys.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions for a future blog. 

Until next time, please make sure you and your furry family members are safe and warm. 
15 Dec 2015

Your self fulfilling prophecy energy and your pet

We've all heard the famed self fulfilling prophecy. Simply put, and according to Psychology Today, the self fulfilling prophecy is "a belief that comes true because we are acting as if it is already true." Probably something you are familiar with and heard numerous times throughout your lifetime. However, have you ever heard that your energy of the self fulfilling prophecy can influence your pets? No? Let me explain.

I see this often. An owner will contact me about their pet and say something to the effect "...well he's getting pretty old. He will probably die within the year or sooner. But if you think you can help...." The owner has this self fulfilling prophecy that when their dog, cat, horse or whatever hits a predetermined age, they will decline and die shortly there after. The owner means well. And our pets have a great desire to please us and meet our expectations. One beautiful (and at times frustrating) thing about animals is that they are very energy sensitive. You put negative energy out there either verbally or through thoughts, which has been proven with such tools as the Law of Attraction, then the universe responds in kind. Therefore, if you adopt a dog thinking or even saying that by at age 10 he'll die, guess what? The majority of the time your loyal dog will obey. 

However, this can be corrected. You first need to acknowledge that animals are sensitive to energy. Then you take that a step further and realize that as humans we do tend to turn resort to the self fulfilling prophecy for ourselves and those around us.

When I receive these types of calls, I look at the animal. 99% of the time the owner has showered the animal in their belief of this prophecy. Often unknowingly. I move that energy out and discuss it with the owner. The pet needs its own space to live without negative energy. 

Interestingly, we can turn the self fulfilling prophecy around and as use it very positively. I always make these suggestions to the owner:
1. Out with the old. Never ever use "old dog", "old cat", "old horse" or whatever. And do not allow anyone else to pigeon hole them either into old age. Don't even think of them in old terms. We as humans know what years and age are and mean. Animals, generally do not get it, unless they have that energy put in their space. I often say, what they don't know isn't that bad. In this case, ignorance truly is least if your big picture is for a long, healthy life with your furry buddy. 
2. Oh, baby! Refer to your pet as "young ..." or "baby...". I know it sounds silly, but it truly does make a huge difference. Even when thinking of them use these terms. 
3. Here and now. Never talk about death, end of life, post life (what you'll do after that pet passes). Simply live in the here and now. They now if you're planning for replacements or life after them whether you're speaking or thinking it, they know. Often it causes depression. That is not to say other animals cannot be brought into their space to live. It just must be done as new family members and not as replacements. 
4. Minimize the bumps, accentuate the positives. Even if your pet is sick with such things as arthritis, thyroid disease, diabetes or the like, minimize it. Do not over dramatize their ailment. Do what must be done and then move on always focusing on youthful, healthy and most important positive energy. For instance, if your cat is on thyroid medication, then give it to her mixed with a treat and tell her she's a "pretty baby girl". Yep, silly. But the energy is received and that's where it needs to be for her. 
5. Playtime! Keep playing, interacting and talking with your pet in youthful terms. You may need to modify the play or exercise as the years pass by, but if they are still receiving the message that they're young, honestly they tend to respond accordingly. Plus, your mind and thoughts stay on that energy as well. Much more positive energy than the "he'll be dead in 10 years" type energy. 

Basically, if you want your furry best friend to have a long, healthy life, then put those youthful, healthy pictures in his space. And by all means stop with all the dreadful negative pictures he is most likely being bombard with now. 

Still questioning whether this works? Well, I followed this exact formula for my last two horses. They lived to be 34 and 35 and ran around the corals up until the day each died. My two cats now will be 17 in March and the vet is shocked at how good their health is and even said if he didn't know better he'd estimate their age at 10. 

Convinced? As far as I can tell there's nothing to lose, but everything to gain just by making a few simple (although, perhaps silly) adjustments. Something to consider for those who love us without condition. 

Until next time, please remember to keep your fur balls safe and warm. If you have any questions or suggestions for a future blog, please contact me. 
12 Dec 2015

Calming alpha dog told by an animal communicator

What happens when I bring a new dog, puppy, kitten or other animal into my house with my adult dog? Is it just that alpha dog thing and I need to cope and let them work it out? Or can something be done to allow for harmony?

Great question! One I have heard numerous times. I get a lot of questions about the alpha dog and what if anything can be done to ease the dominant energy.

Let me answer this question with an example. I was recently asked to work on a client's dog and mother's new puppy. The client had been puppy sitting while her mom was out of town. The client's normal routine is for all the critters to crawl into bed with her. They find their spot, calm down and sleep. The issue was that with the puppy visiting everything had been turned on its head. She asked if I could do something to help soothe the energy so she might be able to sleep.

I looked at the adult dog, who's home it was and he was completely annoyed. Think big brother annoyed because the little brother won't give him room to breath. Got that picture? That's it! Of course, this dog was also trying to teach the pup his manners that this is his house and MUST follow his rules. 

I then looked at the puppy. He was in complete and total awe of the adult dog. Much like a little brother is of a big brother. Puppy wanted anything and all things to do with the adult dog. Complete invasion of the adult dog's space. 

How to remedy the situation? 
1. I first grounded the puppy and all that high "play with me" puppy energy. 
2. Pulled the rather large puppy aura into an appropriate 18-24" around his body and ground it.
3. Cleaned out each of the puppy's chakras and grounded them.
4. Showed the puppy,with energy, how to have great fun without being annoying and playing even by himself. 
5. Then I turned to the adult dog. I ground him of all the annoying and dominance energy.
6. Pulled his aura in as well to 18-24" around his body and grounded it. 
7. Cleaned out each of the dog's chakras and grounded them.
8. Showed the dog how to be around the puppy, ignore him and not feel any annoyance or need to dominant much. 

A fairly easy task to complete.  Both the dog and puppy responded extremely well. 

The next morning I received a text with a photo of all the fur balls (including the cat who had been hiding up until this point) still asleep in bed. She said they all slept well. 

Isn't it amazing what a little energy shift will do? I never get tired hearing stories, talking about energy or working energy for clients.

Until next time make sure you and your fur balls stay warm and well. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or suggestions for a future blog.

7 Dec 2015

9 steps to godpetparents and calming abandonment fear energy

Pet owners love their furry buddies, no doubt about it! At least good pet owners love their fur balls. We feed them well, often better than we feed ourselves; take them to the vet when needed, make sure they're shots are up to date, provide them with (and trick them to take) rxs when required; make sure they have a safe, dry, warm or cool place to snuggle down all their own; provide a constant supply of clean water; play and exercise them (or in some cases they exercise us); neuter or spay them to help control the over population of shelter critters and help maintain their own good health; micro chip them in case they get lost; and even provide them all sorts of toys and endless amounts of love, which is returned ten fold. Yet, have you thought about what would happen if you fell ill or even died? Have you made those arrangements? Have you ever heard the term "godpetparent"? 

The biggest fear I see in our pets is the fear energy of abandonment. It seems to be a constant. It doesn't matter if the animal is adopted from a shelter or purchased from a breeder. Whenever I'm asked to work on a client's pet, I will always find the fear energy of being abandoned. It seems like it's something engrained in all animals, even humans. 

Those of us with human kids, make sure we provide for their future in our wills. We pick sets of godparents and spell out our desires in very detailed descriptions. Often we have the fore thought to select godparents before the child even takes a breath.

However, how many of us pet loving fur ball owners do the same for these critters we claim are part of the family? Shelters are filled with wonderful animals who's only fault is their owner died and left no instructions for this beloved family member. So, he's abandoned. 

It's so easy to avoid such situations. All you need to do is set up your godpetparents. Here's how:
1. Decide on 2-3 people you trust whom would be a good caregiver for your buddy.
2. Talk with them and confirm they would be willing to accept your furry friend. 
3. Put your list of people in order of whom you'd like to receive and be a godpetparent for your buddy. Consider their lifestyle, your furry friends' needs (is he on arthritis rx or other meds, special food, grooming, ect.) 
4. Keep in mind who can make this transition as easy as possible and be financially able to do it at any given point and for 10-20 years. This is a lifetime commitment. They should know this going into the arrangement. 
5. Call your attorney and have the appropriate provisions added to your will. Or if you've written your own will from an online kit, follow the steps with minor adjustments for godparents.
6. Make your intentions known to your vet, pet daycare, family, friends and neighbors so there will be absolutely no question when or if the time comes for this to come into play. 
7. Include in your wallet a note that states you have pets, their location and whom to contact if you are unable to care for them. 
8. If you add pets or pets die, take a few minutes and update everything. It will bring you peace of mind knowing that the love you have for your pets will not stop at death or ailment. 
9. You may think this is odd, but they do understand. Tell your furry friend that you've provided for her and she'll never be abandoned. She will be very grateful. 

Fear energy can cause such havoc. It's wonderful that we have the ability to give to the ones that give so much to us day in and day out. They love and accept us regardless. Taking a few steps and removing the fear of abandonment at a point when they will feel a bit lost, is a selfish act of pure love. They may not fully understand to what extent you have provided for them, but you know and that's what matters. Keeping your beautiful, loyal furry family member from being abandoned at a shelter is an amazing gift! 

Until next time, stay well and warm. Please contact me know if you have any questions or suggestions for a future blog. 
2 Dec 2015

Need to know you're loved and accepted just as you are? Look at your pets. 

If you are lucky enough to have a pet, you're blessed. They have a gift to just love and accept us as we are, no questions asked. Our pets become are our safe place. They do not judge. They may ask for food, a cookie, some playtime, but there is no judgement. Only full acceptance. It's almost like there's some sort of gene humans have that allow us to cast ill fated judgement on ourselves and others that animals have skipped all together. 

Perhaps it's this full acceptance and no ability to judge that we humans have found animals to be the perfect tool to assist us with various services, including our daily activities. Do you know that service animals, while mainly thought of as a dogs world, spans the gamut from monkeys, miniature horses, goats, parrots, cats, ferrets, pigs, and if you can believe it even an iguana and a duck? This is according to a fascinating New York Times Magazine article from Dec. 2008

According to the National Service Animal Registry, here's just a partial list of qualified disabilities broken out by physical and emotional or mental ailment. 

Physical Problem:
Asthma (or other breathing problems)
Blindness (& partial blindness)
Deafness (& partial deafness)
Dizziness/Balance problems
General Hearing Difficulty
Mobility Problems
Neurological Problems
Physical Weakness
Speech Problems

Emotional/Mental Problem:
Cognitive Decline
Any Psychiatric Condition (some exclusions)
Bipolar Disorder
Emotionally Overwhelmed
Panic Attacks
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Separation Anxiety
Social Phobia
Stress Problems

Even if we are not using our animals to maneuver through life, for most of us they are still a necessity. We may not admit it, but we rely on our animals. We need them just as much as they need us. It's a match made in heaven. Can you imagine a planet void of any pets? Take a moment and see that picture? How does it look to you? How does it make you feel? 

There's a reason why we were gifted with pets and animals here on earth. They are a blessing. If we are closed off from the rest of the world emotionally, chances are we still will let an animal into our space. That's why if you have a non-vocal autistic child, often a therapy animal will bring that child along more than hours of traditional therapy or drugs. We can trust them and they have a way of getting in when all doors seem closed. They just sit, don't judge, wait and love. No time schedule. Amazing! 

Animals become our best buddies. We love them and then grieve when they must leave. Why is this bond so strong and like no other? I recently had a friend tell me, "I didn't get the love you always talk about for your animals. Now, that I FINALLY have my own puppies I get it! I'm totally, completely in love with them!" It's true! We do fall in love, so to speak,with our furry family. They look up at us or nuzzle their heads into our chest or curl up and stay next to us all night when when we need them most. And we're done. We melt and from that moment on they are forever they are in our hearts. 

We show them all of us. The good, the sad, the mad and ugly. And they accept and love us anyway! We tell them our hopes, dreams, secretes, desires, massive failures and huge successes. They accept us through it all. We cry with them, to them, about them and for them. They still accept us. We laugh when they watch tv or watch themselves in the mirror or do some other little silly act. They may look at us and wonder what is making us react this way. But they still love and accept us. We can be horribly sad and just sit quietly. They will curl up, look up at us, try to make us feel better or even heal us with their energy, but ultimately accept and love us as we are no matter what. We may be goofy and dance around the house. They may try to join in with the fun, never questioning why. And they still just accept and love us.

Oddly enough, there are times when my animals have most likely known me better than I've known myself. They always trust me, love me and accept me as I am. They seem to know, even if I don't, that I am enough, no need to change or hide. Animals are amazing that way. We all are enough at this moment in time. Certainly there are many lessons to be learned from our furry buddies. Being able to accept yourself as you are has to be at the top of the list. 

What great lessons have you learned from your pets? 

As always if you have any questions or a suggestion for a future blog, please contact me. Until then give your furry friend a big hug...and make sure they are warm. It's cold outside. 
28 Nov 2015

An 8 step guide to keeping your pet happy during a rushed Christmas told by an animal communicator

This time of year people are rushed for time. From shopping, to parties, to school plays, to greeting friends and family as they drop by.  The time flies. Our pets seem to spend more time by themselves and their meals and routines (just like ours)often get out of whack. You look at their sad little faces as you bundle up for yet another trip out into the cold and feel that guilty tug at your heart. You know they want to go with you or at least want to return life to what is morecomfortable. What can you do?

There are a few things you can consider doing to ease these last few weeks of the year for our furry friends.

1. Quality always counts, even if not quantity. When you are home, try to carve out a couple of minutes to play with your furry buddy. This doesn’t make up for the much needed walks (especially if you have a high energy dog), but it will help the lack of together time. Then when you are unwinding, curling up with him. He’ll appreciate the attention and you’ll enjoy the warm body.

2. Leave a bit of yourself. If you have an old t-shirt or some item with your scent on it, leave it for him when you leave. It will comfort him in the long hours he has to entertain himself.

3. Hide toys. Some of the toys today for dogs, especially, are great for keeping their attention. Some even provide a spot for you to put peanut butter or some kind of treat for extra attention and focus. Try hiding a few of these in different spots so he can happen upon them when you’re gone. 

4. Daycare is a great option. If you can have a friend or family member who is able to watch your pet for a few hours that can add a positive energy to both the human and animal’s day. This is especially true if the friend or family member is feeling down (which can often happen this time of year), elderly or even has children and is thinking of adopting a pet. This would be a great chance to see how everyone would get along for an extended period of time. If a family or friend isn't an option, then perhaps a couple hours at doggie daycare a couple times a week would ease your guilt and lift your furry friend's spirits. 

5. Meal routine. Try to keep to a normal hour for your furry buddy's meals. There are some wonderful feeders if you are going to be super late in returning home and no one can feed him for you. As you know from your own experience, going too long between meals can really cause havoc. 

6. Safe spot. Always make sure your buddy has a safe, warm spot. If you do not trust him alone in your home for extended periods of time, then perhaps you can put him in the laundry room. Any accidents should be easy to clean up in that room. Plus, with a blanket and something he’s familiar with such as a toy, and, of course, his food and water, he should be fine (goes without saying that all chemicals and harmful items must be safely tucked away). 

7. Call home. If you’re gone a long time, try calling home and leaving a message for your furry friend. Often this is comforting to your pet. However, sometimes it’s stressful as he cannot tell where you are either. You may need to do a test run of this one.

8. Energy healing and communication. Moving energy by way of an energy healing with your pet and opening a line of communication can often solve any separation issue, or greatly minimize it. If he understands he’s not being abandoned, you will return, he tends to calm down and relax knowing this is just part of who you are, what you do and life will soon return to "normal".

I hope these tips help you this season. If you have any questions or topic you would like covered in a future blog, please contact me.
24 Nov 2015

How to calm energy for a big celebration as told by an animal communicator

Are you dreading the big turkey day? Anxiety already building? Ever wonder why the pets and kids seem to act like they dove head first into the coffee pot that day? They are picking up on your energy. If you're calm, they will be much more likely to reflect that energy back. If you're completely frazzled, then they are more likely to reflect that as well. 

Here are just a few very basic tips for managing the big day and staying calm:

1. Breathe deeply. When you start feeling overwhelmed, stressed or like your last nerve is going to disconnect and run amuck, try doing 5-10 very deep and controlled breathes in and out. Out with the frazzled energy. In with the good energy. At least that's one way to look at it. 

2. Meditation. If you meditate, by all means start your day with a good 30 minutes of clearing your own energy and getting centered. You'll be much more able to face the hungry crowd that will await you later. 
3. Teamwork. Delegate as you see fit. Thanksgiving is a huge under taking. It's much easier, and often more fun, when done with more people. Perhaps it could be potluck style. Release control of past traditions and embrace new ones. You may not make the sweet potato casserole this year. Maybe Aunt Carol has her own wonder recipe for sweet potatoes. 
4. It's only dinner. Remember this isn't brain surgery. No one should die. Everyone will eat at some point. In the meantime, I'm certain there's refreshments, treats and football. 
5. Rest up. In just one month it's Christmas. Now the panic begins. Remember step #1.

Or you could just go out to dinner, have it catered or go to some one else's house. 

Any way you do it, I hope it's a blessed filled Thanksgiving with just the right amount of delicious leftovers. 

That's it for now. If you have any questions or have a suggestion for a future blog, please contact me. 
22 Nov 2015

Relief for animal depression as told by an animal communicator

I was asked recently "Is it possible for animals to be depressed?" Specifically the concern was that this owner's dog always seems down after Christmas, when the lights, trees and decorations come down and people return home. Just as us humans can have a let down after any big celebration, so can our animals. They often tend to reflect back to us what we are feeling. So, if you feel sad, anxious, depressed or even happy, energized or joy filled they more times than not will feel, or at least be presenting that energy back to you.

My suggestion, for all concerned, is to get back to, or get to, a normal happy routine of walks, exercise and play and see if moods don't improve. We (humans and animals alike) all have a need to feel needed and sometimes little "jobs" like these, in which we help each will do wonders. If not, please either contact your vet, your doctor or me for an energy healing and animal communication.

That's it for now. If you have any questions or even suggestions for a future blog, please do not hesitate to contact me.  
16 Nov 2015

Comparing civilian and military dog energy as told by an animal communicator 

Since we just celebrated Veterans Day, I've seen a lot of stories on our brave military, both human and animal. So, I've been thinking about what kind of energy these type of brave animals must be running as opposed to our general household (civilian) pets. Curious? Me too. 

These days most military animals that see danger and are intensely trained are working dogs. As such, I'm going to narrow my comparison to that group. 

Looking at the energy of household working dogs, let's break it down by the chakras that are of most interest. In this comparison game, I'm going to focus on just the 6th-1st chakras. Additionally, I'm looking at happy, healthy,well-adjusted working type dogs. Although, they may be more house pets than traditional working pets.

6th - how the dog sees the world

Household working dogs: the energy here appears wide open, happy, owner centered

Military dogs: the energy is very controlled, cautious, contained, looking for cues to proceed

5th - how dog uses his communication space

Household working dogs: energy is once again is very wide, knows there's boundaries, yet knows if his voice is loud enough he'll get his way

Military dogs: energy is super contained, only speaking when necessary or asked

4th - what type of affinity the dog has for himself and others

Household working dogs: endless love for owner, family, all those that come into space...."rub my belly or give me a cookie and I'm yours for life"

Military dogs: energy is very contained again, strong energy, yet looking for approval, looking for the handler to give direction, handler is the only real connection 

3rd - dog's power source, what the dog is doing with his energy

Household working dogs: energy appears to center around play, love for owner and family, food and sleep

Military dogs: energy focuses on putting on work gear, focusing on reward of play when work is done

2nd - dog's emotional or family center

Household working dogs: energy centers around love for owner and family and anxiety when they're gone

Military dogs:  very contained, restrained or controlled love for handler

1st - dog's survival and body/being communication space

Household working dogs: not a lot of body being communication and all survival information communication comes directly from owner

Military dogs: strong body/being communication and all survival information relates back to military training 

Well, that was certainly interesting. Maybe a good future blog would be comparing active working to retired military dogs. I'm curious now about that one. How about you? 

As always if you have any questions, suggestions for a future blog topic or would like to schedule a session, please contact me. 
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