Prices are the same for both animals and humans. I do not discriminate based on size, sex, religion, age or being. However, I do offer a few well earned discounts. 

*Ask me about discounts for service members, (including animal, military and police K9, police equine), foster animal, search and rescue animal, fire fighters, police, military and seniors.  

Session Prices* ** ***

$30 - 30 minutes 

$45 - 45 minutes  
$60 - 60 minutes 
$90 - 90 minutes 
$120 -120 minutes  

 * 24 hour cancelation notice expected.    

** Sessions are limited to 2 hours and 5 animals in one setting. Multiple animal communication sessions may be scheduled for additional pets or if more issues or questions need to be addressed than the 2 hour limit allows. Animal healings are often performed on each pet to allow communication to flow as easily as possible and the sessions beneficial for all involved.

*** Human energy healings are also limited to 2 hours sessions. Multiple sessions may be scheduled. If you would like multiple sessions, please look at the Package Session buy. It will save you 15% off the normal rate.

Please contact me to schedule an animal communication or energy healing (either animal or human) session. Questions regarding your session may also be addressed through email.
Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates  

Gift Certificates are be emailed promptly once they are purchased. If you send both names of recipient and the giver, they are be typed on the certificate. Or, if you prefer, you may fill in the names once you receive and print the certificate.

Questions? Please contact me. 

Package Sessions

Package Sessions

Save 15% and buy in bulk. You may use the sessions on yourself, your fur family, your human family or friends. You just must indicate that it's all part of the one purchase. Packages should be used within one year. It's a great buy!

Addition Session time...

Additional Session Time

Need just a little bit more time during our session. Did we run out of time to cover everything? No worries. You can easily purchase the extra time here. 

 Schedule your session by going to my Facbook page and clicking the book now button on the left side.