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An 8 step guide to keeping your pet happy during a rushed Christmas told by an animal communicator

This time of year people are rushed for time. From shopping, to parties, to school plays, to greeting friends and family as they drop by.  The time flies. Our pets seem to spend more time by themselves and their meals and routines (just like ours)often get out of whack. You look at their sad little faces as you bundle up for yet another trip out into the cold and feel that guilty tug at your heart. You know they want to go with you or at least want to return life to what is morecomfortable. What can you do?

There are a few things you can consider doing to ease these last few weeks of the year for our furry friends.

1. Quality always counts, even if not quantity. When you are home, try to carve out a couple of minutes to play with your furry buddy. This doesn’t make up for the much needed walks (especially if you have a high energy dog), but it will help the lack of together time. Then when you are unwinding, curling up with him. He’ll appreciate the attention and you’ll enjoy the warm body.

2. Leave a bit of yourself. If you have an old t-shirt or some item with your scent on it, leave it for him when you leave. It will comfort him in the long hours he has to entertain himself.

3. Hide toys. Some of the toys today for dogs, especially, are great for keeping their attention. Some even provide a spot for you to put peanut butter or some kind of treat for extra attention and focus. Try hiding a few of these in different spots so he can happen upon them when you’re gone. 

4. Daycare is a great option. If you can have a friend or family member who is able to watch your pet for a few hours that can add a positive energy to both the human and animal’s day. This is especially true if the friend or family member is feeling down (which can often happen this time of year), elderly or even has children and is thinking of adopting a pet. This would be a great chance to see how everyone would get along for an extended period of time. If a family or friend isn't an option, then perhaps a couple hours at doggie daycare a couple times a week would ease your guilt and lift your furry friend's spirits. 

5. Meal routine. Try to keep to a normal hour for your furry buddy's meals. There are some wonderful feeders if you are going to be super late in returning home and no one can feed him for you. As you know from your own experience, going too long between meals can really cause havoc. 

6. Safe spot. Always make sure your buddy has a safe, warm spot. If you do not trust him alone in your home for extended periods of time, then perhaps you can put him in the laundry room. Any accidents should be easy to clean up in that room. Plus, with a blanket and something he’s familiar with such as a toy, and, of course, his food and water, he should be fine (goes without saying that all chemicals and harmful items must be safely tucked away). 

7. Call home. If you’re gone a long time, try calling home and leaving a message for your furry friend. Often this is comforting to your pet. However, sometimes it’s stressful as he cannot tell where you are either. You may need to do a test run of this one.

8. Energy healing and communication. Moving energy by way of an energy healing with your pet and opening a line of communication can often solve any separation issue, or greatly minimize it. If he understands he’s not being abandoned, you will return, he tends to calm down and relax knowing this is just part of who you are, what you do and life will soon return to "normal".

I hope these tips help you this season. If you have any questions or topic you would like covered in a future blog, please contact me.

How to calm energy for a big celebration as told by an animal communicator

Are you dreading the big turkey day? Anxiety already building? Ever wonder why the pets and kids seem to act like they dove head first into the coffee pot that day? They are picking up on your energy. If you're calm, they will be much more likely to reflect that energy back. If you're completely frazzled, then they are more likely to reflect that as well. 

Here are just a few very basic tips for managing the big day and staying calm:

1. Breathe deeply. When you start feeling overwhelmed, stressed or like your last nerve is going to disconnect and run amuck, try doing 5-10 very deep and controlled breathes in and out. Out with the frazzled energy. In with the good energy. At least that's one way to look at it. 

2. Meditation. If you meditate, by all means start your day with a good 30 minutes of clearing your own energy and getting centered. You'll be much more able to face the hungry crowd that will await you later. 
3. Teamwork. Delegate as you see fit. Thanksgiving is a huge under taking. It's much easier, and often more fun, when done with more people. Perhaps it could be potluck style. Release control of past traditions and embrace new ones. You may not make the sweet potato casserole this year. Maybe Aunt Carol has her own wonder recipe for sweet potatoes. 
4. It's only dinner. Remember this isn't brain surgery. No one should die. Everyone will eat at some point. In the meantime, I'm certain there's refreshments, treats and football. 
5. Rest up. In just one month it's Christmas. Now the panic begins. Remember step #1.

Or you could just go out to dinner, have it catered or go to some one else's house. 

Any way you do it, I hope it's a blessed filled Thanksgiving with just the right amount of delicious leftovers. 

That's it for now. If you have any questions or have a suggestion for a future blog, please contact me. 

Relief for animal depression as told by an animal communicator

I was asked recently "Is it possible for animals to be depressed?" Specifically the concern was that this owner's dog always seems down after Christmas, when the lights, trees and decorations come down and people return home. Just as us humans can have a let down after any big celebration, so can our animals. They often tend to reflect back to us what we are feeling. So, if you feel sad, anxious, depressed or even happy, energized or joy filled they more times than not will feel, or at least be presenting that energy back to you.

My suggestion, for all concerned, is to get back to, or get to, a normal happy routine of walks, exercise and play and see if moods don't improve. We (humans and animals alike) all have a need to feel needed and sometimes little "jobs" like these, in which we help each will do wonders. If not, please either contact your vet, your doctor or me for an energy healing and animal communication.

That's it for now. If you have any questions or even suggestions for a future blog, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Comparing civilian and military dog energy as told by an animal communicator 

Since we just celebrated Veterans Day, I've seen a lot of stories on our brave military, both human and animal. So, I've been thinking about what kind of energy these type of brave animals must be running as opposed to our general household (civilian) pets. Curious? Me too. 

These days most military animals that see danger and are intensely trained are working dogs. As such, I'm going to narrow my comparison to that group. 

Looking at the energy of household working dogs, let's break it down by the chakras that are of most interest. In this comparison game, I'm going to focus on just the 6th-1st chakras. Additionally, I'm looking at happy, healthy,well-adjusted working type dogs. Although, they may be more house pets than traditional working pets.

6th - how the dog sees the world

Household working dogs: the energy here appears wide open, happy, owner centered

Military dogs: the energy is very controlled, cautious, contained, looking for cues to proceed

5th - how dog uses his communication space

Household working dogs: energy is once again is very wide, knows there's boundaries, yet knows if his voice is loud enough he'll get his way

Military dogs: energy is super contained, only speaking when necessary or asked

4th - what type of affinity the dog has for himself and others

Household working dogs: endless love for owner, family, all those that come into space...."rub my belly or give me a cookie and I'm yours for life"

Military dogs: energy is very contained again, strong energy, yet looking for approval, looking for the handler to give direction, handler is the only real connection 

3rd - dog's power source, what the dog is doing with his energy

Household working dogs: energy appears to center around play, love for owner and family, food and sleep

Military dogs: energy focuses on putting on work gear, focusing on reward of play when work is done

2nd - dog's emotional or family center

Household working dogs: energy centers around love for owner and family and anxiety when they're gone

Military dogs:  very contained, restrained or controlled love for handler

1st - dog's survival and body/being communication space

Household working dogs: not a lot of body being communication and all survival information communication comes directly from owner

Military dogs: strong body/being communication and all survival information relates back to military training 

Well, that was certainly interesting. Maybe a good future blog would be comparing active working to retired military dogs. I'm curious now about that one. How about you? 

As always if you have any questions, suggestions for a future blog topic or would like to schedule a session, please contact me. 

Benefits of animal communication and energy healing

Wondering what an animal communicator and energy healer can do for you? Easy, is there anything worrying you about your pet, past or present? Are you struggling to find the right type of food he'll like? Is he "Mr. Houdini" and no fence or house will contain him? Is he tearing up all things in sight as fast you can bring them home? Is he barking at all hours and making you the least favorite neighbor? Or maybe you are feeling uneasy about the way she died? Maybe you just are curious why she always looks at you that certain way? Or perhaps something else? 

An animal communicator and energy healer can easily answer and resolve all those issues and more. It's simply a matter of looking at the energy, finding out why it's there and then clearing it and all associated energies out of your pet's space. Move the energy, the physical follows. Ask a question in this clear space and the energy flows easily. It becomes a give and take like any other conversation, except there's a translator (animal communicator). 

So, does anything come to mind that you'd like to resolve with your pet? Why wait any longer to get help? Contact me and let your holiday season be more peaceful.

If you have any questions, a topic you'd like covered in a future blog or would like to schedule a session, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Joys of mature pet ownership as told by an animal communicator 

Have you heard November is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet month? What a wonderful idea! If you're looking to expand your family, I encourage you to give these (as I like to say) wise, mature pets serious consideration. You get to fast forward past all the potty training,endless need to chew on everything and all the other obedience work. You can just enjoy your new family member. Plus, during November a lot of shelters are waiving at least part of the adoption fees of these mature pets. Bonus! 

I can hear many of you voicing concern over adopting one of these mature pets. "Weren't they surrendered because they have issues?" No. Not always. They can be surrendered for financial reasons (owners income has changed and can't meet the animal's need), the owner has moved and was unable to take the animal or sadly the owner died and didn't provide a person for the animal to relocate to in his will. These are just a mere sampling of the multitude of reasons for surrendering an animal. Even if an animal was surrendered on a behavioral issue, do not let that deter you. Often an energy shift, by way of an energy healing, is all that is needed. Or, if you're more comfortable, traditional training. Most animals want and need to be accepted and loved. They are just as displeased if energy prevents that from fully happening. Move the energy, and the animal shifts. I've seen, and done it, hundreds of times. Simple, yet effective. Physically body follows the energy shifts. Issues are immediately resolved.

Are you starting to see the joy of owning a mature pet? All the fun and love with hardly any work. Yet, I know you're still worried. I can hear you say, "what about their health? They come with medical issues, don't they?" Sure we all age. It's part of the game of life. Your new pet may not be able to go on all day hikes or play tug-of-war for hours with the kids, but the wise, unconditional love they give is more than what can ever be given to them. Would you want someone rejecting you in your more mature years, simply because you have a few wrinkles or can't keep up like you did as a teenager? I suspect not. Trust me, they would never think about rejecting you regardless of your condition. There are some truly beautiful lessons to be learned from mature animals, if you're willing to open your heart and home. 

If you still need some convincing about mature, wise pets, then perhaps Dr. Karen Becker can do it. In 2012, she wrote an article titled, "10 Benefits of Adopting an Older Pet", which covers most everything I’ve seen or read on senior pet adoption. I encourage you to read her article. Then access your life. Is there room for a mature pet, given the constraints of your life? If so, then by all means act this month and go find your new best friend. Let the shelters help you during this special month of November on some of the fees. 
If you adopt a new mature friend, I'd love to hear about it. Send me a picture and share your story. We all are suckers for love stories, even in the early stages. 

Until next time, as always send me a line if you have a question or a suggestion for a future blog. 

Explaining energy healings with science as told by an animal communicator 

How does this all work? You say you see an aura, energy, chakras and energy moving, but what does that really mean? Can you break that down? I see nothing. Sure my pet is different. But how? Why? I don't understand. 

Is this you? Are you trying to reconcile the logical (see, feel, touch) side of you with the more intangible (wanting to take a leap of faith side into something that is currently unknown) side of you?

I get it. Energy work, healings, communications and the like does take a certain leap of faith into what most of us were not brought up around or even comfortable talking about in a serious tone. 

Let me see if I can help with this leap. There is much science to support the basis for energy work, which is an ancient art that dates back 2,000-3,000 years (depending on the references and the particular energy work you're interested in researching).

Personally, I start every communication and healing by looking at the aura body. Science does confirms the existence of the aura body. Biofield Global puts it this way when explaining the aura body:

"Scientists and researchers today all around the globe have confirmed that the matter which appears to be solid in reality is NOT TRUE. This solid looking matter is actually made up of pure energy which is vibrating at a specific frequency which gives matter properties like shape, size, texture, etc. These solid looking objects like a pen, book and even the molecules, atoms and cells in our bodies for that matter are actually made up of vibratory energy particles called electron, protons, neutrons and further more tiny particles. So when these particles vibrate in their nucleus, a small electrical impulse is generated in our body and according to the famous law of physics "When there is an electrical field around a body, a magnetic field gets developed automatically". So the tiny electrical impulses in our body results into the formation of a magnetic field around our body which is actually know as the AURA- electromagnetic field of the body. Since everything in this universe is made up of the same constituent particles electron, protons, neutrons, etc that means EVERYTHING HAS AN AURA.  And if we keep on expanding these so called elementary particles we reach a point where we find nothing but pure energy vibrating at the very essence of these solid looking objects. Everything in this physical universe is nothing but energy which connects to everything in the universe.

.... Spiritually we can say that aura is our very own soul nature, it reflects our innermost desires and feelings, emotions, etc.

 Aura is the layer of energy which interconnects all other subtle bodies and also acts like a shield covering and protecting our more refined subtle bodies like the mental, emotional, and spiritual ..."

Thus, science says auras are real and can be detected with such equipment as "PIP (Poly contrast Interference Photography), DAS (Digital Aura Scanning system), RFI (Resonant Field imaging)". One hurdle is now cleared. Auras are real. 

So, what does that mean? Well, for me when I'm working with energy I generally proceed next through the chakras. Which brings us to the question of what exactly is a charka?

As described by Biofield Global, charkas are as follows:

"The word 'chakra' is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'; but perhaps even a better translation would be spinning wheel. Chakra is actually a term which defines a number of lines meeting on a common specific point. So in our bodies we have a number of nerves crossing at various parts in our body forming major and minor energy meridians which carry the energy to different parts of our body.

If you could see chakras you would be able to see each primary chakra as a spinning vortex or wheel of energy.

We have seven major chakras which act like the 7 gateways for energies to enter our aura so that the energy may be supplied to our subtle bodies and we also have a number of minor chakras in our bodies."

That might be a lot to digest. And the question still remains are charkas even real? In a June 2013 article titled "The Anatomical Proof of the Existence of The Chakras", the author lays out the perfect augment that these little energy discs are indeed real. 

"Perhaps modern science hasn’t found the chakras because they have not been looking at the right place. In 2007, Sandra and Mathew Blakeslee published a book entitled The Body has a Mind of its Own. In this book, they traced the history of "body maps" from the time of neuro-scientist Alfred Penfield. According to the book, Penfield successfully identified the functions of specific parts of the brain that run our bodies. He called this body map the humunculus which translates as "little man" in latin. The advancement of neuroscience has led to the discovery of more body maps within the brain. Now more than ever, we are seeing that the body is a mirror of the "the little man" on the top floor, the one inside the skull. 

We now know which part of the brain thinks of certain things. The footprints of the psyche can be observed at work during brain scans. We now know which part of the brain lights up when we think of food, sex, religion or our next door neighbor. 

If we were to overlay a diagram of the chakras on a human brain we will find a surprising match. It is as though the chakras are running down a little man crouched in a fetal position inside our skulls. The amazing coincidence is, not only are the parts of the brain consistent with the thought processes of the chakra groupings, they are also the exact anatomical equivalents of the human body."

That evidence seems strong that it's only a matter of time before mainstream science does officially prove the existence of chakras. 

Ok. So I've shown that auras are real and evidence exist that chakras are as well. So the next part is the actual healing or moving of energy. 

According to a New York Daily News July 2014 article, "One 2013 study found that 10 minutes of energy healing was as effective as physical therapy in improving the range of motion in people with mobility problems. UCLA even has an electromyography (EMG) lab that studies electrical activity in the body."

With what we've discussed already about auras and charkas, it certainly does seem to make sense. If you change the energy, which is causing you difficulties, then you change the physical body as well. Physical follows energy. 

In an article published by The Daily Mail in 2006 titled "Could spiritual healing actual work?" the following was noted: 

"Professor Walach, a psychologist at the University of Northampton, recently conducted an exhaustive analysis of all the data and came to the conclusion that spiritual healing really does work. He is gaining powerful supporters, too. 

Professor Peter Fen-wick, a consultant neuro-psychiatrist at King's College London, has studied the phenomenon and says: 'There are four possibilities.

'Either we're dealing with fraud on a massive scale; or large numbers of able and gifted researchers are simply wrong; or hundreds of reports disproving healing haven't been published. All these seem unlikely, so we're left with the possibility that the effect is real.'

'Now we need to move on and understand what "healing" is and how it works. And we're starting to do just that.'"

Continuing on with what energy healers are and can do this article stated:

"The NHS (National Health Service, part of United Kingdom) already employs healers to help seriously ill and dying patients. Ruth Kaye is a healer at the Yorkshire Centre for Clinical Oncology in Leeds. She has spent the past 16 years spiritually healing patients in the NHS. Her aim is to augment conventional medicine and to help eliminate the side-effects of such treatments as chemotherapy.

'The spirit is the missing link that medicine does not address, but it is the key and secret of life,' she says. 'One of my patients described my work as being one part of a three-legged stool.

'There is the medicine, which is one leg, the surgery, and finally the spirit. Without the spirit element, the stool would fall over.

'Patients who use things like spiritual healing often use fewer drugs and are less reliant on antidepressants or sleeping tablets. In short, they are less of a drain on an over-stretched NHS.'"

This hands-on evidence is pretty powerful. However, I know you are, and rightfully so, wondering about the placebo effect. Here's where what I do gets really fun. Animals do not possess any placebo effect. So, while that argument can hold water when working with humans, even if I visibly see the energy move, you have right to make the argument that it's a placebo effect.

However, when I'm working on a dog and I resolve his nervous energy. It's gone immediately. No placebo. Or a cat and her need to pee in various places is resolved immediately. The energy behind that is removed. No placebo. Or a depressed dog drops that energy immediately and is joyful again. No placebo. I could give you countless examples, but you can see the general picture. The energy, which was proven we all have, shifts, the problems resolves. It happens for both humans and animals. It's just that with animals we remove any placebo effect and what you get is truly from the healing experience. This is yet another beautiful gift animals possess. The ability to just accept and not over analyze to the point that a placebo effect is even necessary. Either energy moves or it doesn't. Simple as that.

This was certainly the very long, scenic route to get to this point of building the bridge of faith for that leap into what has been unknown. Science has proven, or is on the verge of proving nearly everything in energy work. Sure it can be difficult to just trust at times when you can't see what others see. But you certainly can see the results. Trust those results and rest easy in the evidence that was laid out here. You can't see the electrical current that turns the lights on in your home. Yet you believe it's there. Science has prove it. Science has and is proving energy work as well. 

I hope I've answered at least a few questions on energy, energy healings and perhaps communications,  although I didn't touch upon that much. If any questions still remain or you have a topic idea for a future blog, as always shoot me a line. I love the feedback


Using energy to heal a nervous dog is simple for an animal communicator

Do you have a nervous dog? Maybe a cat? Or possibly a horse? Then this is for you.

A few weeks ago I worked with a nearly one year old puppy. The problem was that he couldn't be in the car or encounter any stressful situation without throwing up. His owner informed me that he even had a couple of "accidents" in the car on their hour drive to see me. 

I spent a few minutes with this furry little guy. He explained his uneasiness of certain situations, especially when he felt like he had no control or didn't know what to expect.

With this information and with the information I was seeing in his aura (mostly fear of the unknown), I asked if it was ok to give him an energy healing. Permission was given. I got him a new grounding cord (this goes from the first or survival charka down to the center of the earth and should be appropriate for the amount of energy being released) and protection rose (this sits on the outer edge of the aura and reflects and alerts you of approaching energies, which is all done on a spiritual level). I grounded out all nervous and fear based energies, which was a stream of energies that went through time shown as photos linked by a line of energy. Then I brought all his spiritual contracts and agreements up to date to reflect the energies, which were just moved out.  (Contracts and agreements are spiritual documents we all, regardless of form, carry throughout eternity. They indicate agreements to do everything and anything. However, we often don't clean house and let expired agreements and contracts take up space. In other words, we all hoard). 

As I completed the healing, the little puppy, who had been sitting on my lap, turned around, stared into my eyes and gave me a kiss. His spirit continued the motion with a very loudly heard "thank you!"

They left and continued their day. I spoke with the owner a few days later and she informed me that the puppy was completely settled and had not thrown up at all since our session. Not even on the hour ride home. She was and continues to be, thankful. As is her little puppy. 

Now you may be asking "Huh? What? That makes no sense. How is that even possible?" Stay tuned for our next blog when those questions and more are attempted to be answered. 

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me with any other questions you may want addressed. 

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